My biggest fashion inspiration is my mom. To me, my mom is the flyest to ever do it; she was my first style and beauty icon. I always wanted to look and dress like her. Stealing her heels so I could strut around the house in them was a common occurrence growing up. Honestly, I still raid her closet when I go home. When she gifted me my first designer bag, one of her Louis' that she no longer wanted, I was in blissful fashion heaven. It was my first taste of personal luxury fashion and I was immediately hooked. 

The older I got, the more I fell in love with fashion; the designers, the clothes, the photo shoots and fashion shows all entranced me and I knew I wanted to be part of that world one day. I begged my mom for purses, spent most of my teenage years in the mall and started my ever-growing collection of Vogue magazines at an age so early I can't remember it exactly. 

Going to college was a huge financial shock for me. I went from spoiled little princess to a broke college kid so fast it made my head spin. My parent's financial help shifted from frivolous purchases to rent, books and groceries; leaving every other expense t for me to cover. After a moment of insanity when I spent $120 on Hunter rain boots caused me to eat nothing but Ramen noodles for two weeks straight, I knew something had to give. 

I got a job but most of that money went to sorority expenses and social outings. However, I was still very much in love with fashion and really wanted to keep my closet up to date. When I finally faced the reality that I could no longer buy, I decided to DIY and fence find. 

Even now as a full adult in my 20’s, I still shop like a baddie on a budget — the budget is just a tad bigger these days! 

AnyaJovitaa.com is a space where I share my take on personal style, my fence finds, my tips and tricks for living luxe for less and how I DIY my favorite designer pieces. This is a space for all my baddie's on a budget; for my luxe ladies that can't spend alot but definitely don't want to look cheap!