Do Period Panties Actually Work?

I tested Lilova brand period panties as an alternative to unpredictable pads and uncomfortable tampons.

While Lilova makes no claims in regards to period pain, I've heard many people say not using tampons can help reduce or eliminate cramps. If you have a period, you know they can be a bloody, brutal mess so I was anxious to see if period panties lived up to their hype of being a clean, pain reducing substitute to our outdated methods of period problem solving.

In this review, I set out to answer a few main questions: 
1. Do they work? As in, do they actually hold in my flow without blood leaking or odor seeping?
2. Do they help manage period pain? As in, will I not have to overdose on Ibuprofen anymore?
3. Are they comfortable? As in, do they not feel like shoving a plastic sword inside me in order to stuff cotton sword inside me that's meant to stay for hours?

After a thorough test, my answers are as follows:
1. Yes. However they are, at best, a great alternative to tampons/pads on lighter flow days. While I didn't have any blood leakage or odor seepage, things did get a bit gooey after a couple hours.
2. Yes. I did notice that I felt no pain sitting or standing, as I usually do with tampons. I actually didn't cramp at all while wearing these but as soon as I put a tampon in, I was on bed rest for the rest of the night moaning and groaning about how unfair life was lol.
3. UMMMMM yes? Yes because they're by far and away more comfortable than that cotton Stabby McStabberson also known as a tampon and way more secure than that mini diaper with wings also known as a pad. The hesitation comes from the undeniable anxiety that comes with wearing nothing but panties while on your period in public. The website's assurance of "anti-leakage technology" and "four layers of nylon" did little to ease my mind. After all, I was on my period - in public - with nothing to save me from a bloody Sunday but panties... PANTIES!

These are amazing alternatives to panty liners and the dreaded dry tampon on light days. Unfortunately, I'm unhappily returning to my super plus cotton swords for heavy days with the option of switching to regulars with these panties as backup support. Oh Ibuprofen overdose, you keep calling me home...