15 Content Topic Ideas for Beauty Niche Creators


Are you struggling to think of content ideas to post within the beauty niche?

Whether you're new to content making or have been creating content for years, coming up with fresh and fun new ideas can be a challenge. Through trial and error, I've found that making content idea lists really helps. 

Whenever I have an idea or see content that I'd like to put my own spin on, I add it to my "content ideas" note on the phone. I've amassed hundreds of ideas for multiple different niches and will be sharing them all here. 

If you have additional ideas you'd like to share, please let them in the comments. Don't forget to save this post to revisit later and subscribe to the blog for more content generation tips and tricks.

Without further ado, here are 15 content topic ideas for beauty niche creators and influencers:

  1. Skincare routine 
  2. Bodycare routine 
  3. Makeup routine
  4. My favorite shower products
  5. My favorite skincare products 
  6. My favorite makeup products 
  7. My morning routine
  8. GRWM chit chat (makeup)
  9. Beauty products I regret buying 
  10. Popular beauty products that didn’t work for me 
  11. Beauty products I’m no longer using and why
  12. Beauty products I’d rebuy
  13. Little known beauty products that actually work
  14. New beauty products I’m using and why
  15. My empties of the month (my most used products)