I'll be honest this silk gold dress is actually a silk gold slip! I'm moderately yet unapologetically into the "wearing lingerie as day time clothing" trend. I think it can be really beautifully and my opinion of tasteful. My favorite thing about this slip is that it's vintage! My mother passed it down to me and I love the way I feel in it. Honestly, I'm pretty much obsessed with anything my mom passes down to me as I'm pretty much obsessed with my mom. Her sense of style has been impeccable my entire life, she was my very first style icon and I've always aspired to reach her level of grace and confidence when it comes to fashion, beauty and just life in general. I felt so beautiful and bossy in this outfit, I laughed a little reviewing these photos because I can really tell I was feeling myself! What's one thing that can always have you feeling like you look your absolute best? Let me know in the comments!

DUSTER: Fashion Nova
SLIP: Vintage

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