While I love to dress up and pile on accessories, I do also love a quick, simple outfit that doesn't require much effort! Are you short on time? Low on energy? Both?! Then welcome to the "Simply Chic" life where you can look good and feel good while using up as little time and exertion as possible! I stick to a formula when styling my simply chic looks: easy top, breezy bottom, shoes I could stand in for an hour if need be!

 Throwing on a skirt is like throwing on sweat pants to me, easy and comfortable. I bought this skirt from Primark while I was studying abroad in London and I absolutely love it! Even though it looks tight it's actually really breathable and because it's calve-length it doesn't ride up so I never have to fidget with it. This bodysuit from H&M follows the same pattern of low fuss, high comfortability! I know that tall girls can sometimes have an issue with bodysuit riding up, at 5'2 I thankfully never have to deal with that problem!  

Life hack: My cute little Yeezy inspired sock boots are honestly just socks over some old pumps! :) (Y'all know I love me a cheap, quick DIY!)  

SKIRT: Primark