I feel gorgeous and fierceeeeee  in this dress! It's shaky, sparkly, blush pink and all around right up my ally! My wardrobe is such an outer expression of who I am, I feel lucky to own clothes that make me feel this good. I know there are people all over the world that don't have the means or live in a country where they're free to dress as they so choose and I never take it for granted that I can. If you're financially and legally able to dress the way your heart desires express your gratitude for that by expressing yourself through personal style. I love the quote "life is too short to wear boring clothes" but I'd like to add that life is too short to dress any other way than the way your soul is happiest with! I know to some people that sentiment is taking clothing choices a little too seriously but for me, clothes are a very serious matter. I was raised in the church of haute couture where as a 90's kid my patron saint was Saint Bradshaw, Carrie that is! Clothes are more than cloth that hide the naked form they're mood rings, vision boards, neon signs that say "THIS IS WHO I AM... or at least who I am for today!" The next time you look into your closet, think about who you are and ask yourself if your clothes are in sink with your thoughts. 

SHOES - Breckelles

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