I like to think of berets as "oldies but goodies"; they're a fashion staple that like all great classics tends to recur as a "must have" season piece throughout the years. 

A beret is something I would see my grandma rocking in a picture from her teen years and say "grandma, PLEASE tell me you kept that hat so I can have it!" :) This season, THEY'RE BACK! I've been seeing berets ALL down my insta timeline and I’ve been dying to get my hands on one ... or a few 🤷🏾‍♀️ After inquiries into a few local shops and online, I decided that DIYing this cute little head topper may be better than buying it! As usual, I’m so happy I went the DIY route! I was able to multiple hats for the price of one in all different colors! I’m so happy with how my hats turned out, they’re one of my favorite DIY’s yet! If you recreate this DIY or any other please tag me on Instagram (@AnyaJovita) so I can see ❤️