This year marked the very first Halloween I've spent in Los Angeles.

My love and I chose Mr. and Mrs. Undead as our very last minute Halloween costume. We went to the W Hollywood Hotel's Halloween Party and had the time of our lives! The music was amazing, the DJ mostly played music I've never heard but really enjoyed. It was a hip hop techno kind of mix! Which seems like a risky mix but it was insanely good. My 7th grade punk rock loving self and my college hardcore trap loving self came together for the first time to headbang with a side of twerk.

For our costumes, we decided to wear head to toe all black. I wore a long sleeve dress to keep me warm that I paired with three strap Christian Siriano pumps. I started the night in thigh high stockings that due to continuous falling to my ankles didn't make it past the apartment door. My love wore black Forever21 jeans and a black t-shirt from H & M that she paired with comfy black Nikes. We got matching capes because.... well .... capes, ya know? I did both of our makeup and while I wasn't super happy with how it turned out, the costumes killed!

This was our first year in Los Angeles for Halloween and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait for next year, we plan on reallllllly upping the ante. What were your 2018 Halloween costumes? Did you like ours? Leave a comment down below!

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