The story of how my best friend was assaulted and why I did nothing to help her.

I hope hearing my story allows you to see the terrible things that can happen when you stay silent and encourages you to make a better choice than I made if you're the same or a similar situation. Your voice is your power, use it for good - use it for what's right.

I didn’t edit this video or wear any makeup to film it. I sat on the floor of my hotel room (I was out of town when the events that lead to me recording this occurred) and spoke from my heart. I wanted to be as open as possible. I was terrified to film this but also very determined to share this story. I felt physically sick when I found out my baby cousin was going through the same situation. I knew as soon as she told me that it was time to let go of this secret and finally tell the truth that I hid for years. If talking about what I went through empowers just ONE person to step up and speak out about abuse they know is going on then this video was worth it. So please, if you know someone who is being taken advantage of in any way let someone trustworthy in a position of power know immediately.