Recently, my love and I went to a Los Angeles Dodgers game to watch them face off against the San Francisco Giants.  It was both of our first times attending a professional baseball game and we had more fun than I would’ve ever imagined was possible! From the second we pulled up to the stadium I was full of unexplainable excitement and honestly, instead of wavering throughout the night it just continued to build. 

We got the tickets through Ash’s job and they were some of the best seats in the house; two rows from the field in the fan club box. In addition to being great seats, the tickets also gave us access to the fan club lounge where both food and drinks are “free” and unlimited all night long! I ate a hot dog for the first time in 10 years… and I only have minimal regrets about it. I took full advantage of the “all you can drink” and went HAM on the vanilla Coke; somehow it was the best damn vanilla Coke I’ve ever tasted.

I’m the first one to admit I know little to nothing about this sport. I mean, I can hit you with a few names - Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig (i think?), Joe DiMaggio, A-Rod and that one guy with pretty eyes that’s married to the Sports Illustrated model… UGH! What is his name????… I’m going to Google it because it’s going to bother me otherwise… OMG DEREK JETER!!! Yes! Derek Jeter! Whew! Okay but anyway… I also know there are 3 bases and a home plate, a homerun is a point and one inning can last 5 minutes or 5 hours! That’s it; that concludes my extensive, detailed knowledge of baseball. However, even with my total lack of understanding I was completely engaged from pitch one. Seeing the reaction of the life long fans next to the baby boys just starting their journey into Dodger fanboydom was heartwarming, the energy of the stadium was infectious and the fight was just good ol’ American entertainment! 

Speaking of the fight, I’m sure you’ve heard of the notorious fight between Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers and Nick Hudley of the San Fran Giants! Or probably not since you’re reading THIS blog haha, not really a keeping-up-with-the-latest-baseball-news kinda tribe are we? Nahhh but still the fight was epic and widely talked about. Mainly because it was unexpected and still somehow seemed super expected. I imagine it’s a lot like a hockey fight; you know it could happen but never expect to see it happen yet when it happens, for some primal reason you get embarrassingly excited to watch it go down! In all honesty though, the “fight” was merely a few pushes and heated words before what appeared to be every employee on both teams payroll rushed the field to separate the gentlemen. So, the actual fight lasted about 0.08 seconds while the overreaction to and overselling of what happened by teammates, coaches and spectators lasted the rest of the night.

I’ll be honest, when Ash first came home with the tickets I was a little nervous about whether or not I’d be into it but ohhh boy, I AM IN TO IT! We cheered, we sang and we participated in a stadium wide wave… I can’t wait to go again!

Have you ever been to a professional baseball game? How was your experience? Sound off in the comments!