To celebrate the Fall season and upcoming holidays, my love and I went to the famous Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City, CA. The patch was breathtaking and quite different than any one I'd ever seen before. I'm from the South where a pumpkin patch is literally a field of pumpkins on the vine. In California it seems like a pumpkin patch is a field of pre-picked, picturesquely placed (and sometimes painted!) pumpkins. While I do miss the homeyness of a South Carolina patch, the beauty of the Cali patch made the classic LA trade of aesthetic over authentic worth while.

Mr. Bones may be popular amongst LA's influencer crowd but the patch was definitely designed with kids in mind. All of the games were tailored to toddler taste and the rides were clearly not meant for the 18 year+ crowd that swarmed the patch daily. There was even a petting area filled with live goats, sheep and chickens! For a fee, you could enter the gate and get your feel on.

The pumpkins were in healthy supply, varied widely and on sale for a reasonable price. However, I don't believe in setting real pumpkins on the porch to rot so we didn't actually purchase one. We walked around the patch taking pictures and laughing at the silly things little kids do while both not-so-secretly wishing that we could revert back to our elementary school days.

Overall, the patch was beautiful and more fun than I anticipated. It far exceeded my expectations in it's size, activities available, pumpkin selection and vast number of photo-ops. Mr. Bones' last day open this year was Halloween but if you're in LA next year for the Fall, I highly suggest you stop on in and tell a friend!

I wore a super comfy, super warm tan knit sweater from H & M and a burgundy vegan leather mini skirt from Forever21 paired with black over-the-knee Christian Siriano boots and a Chanel bag.

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